- 09 February 2021



If you're reading this as a subscriber: congratulations and welcome!


As of today, if your footprint isn't more than the average Brit, your TENZING subscription is making you carbon neutral.

All our subscribers, new and old, are now part of the TENZING Carbon Neutral Crew: a new generation who source their energy from nature, but who give back too.

For every member with an active subscription, we offset 8.4 tonnes (the UK average) of CO2e a year in your name with our offsetting partners: Ecologi, over the course of 12 months.

CO2 is removed from the atmosphere, or blocked from being emitted in the first place through multiple projects than change every month. By subscribing, you're helping projects from funding wind farms in India, to protecting forests in Papua New Guinea; but every month, we also plant a tree for you in the TENZING Forest.

It's that simple. You don't need to do anything except enjoy your ice cold TENZING, and have a think about how you can reduce your footprint. 

With a TENZING subscription, the more sustainable the rest of your lifestyle is, the more CO2 you're helping remove from the atmosphere, and you can join us as a business in being Carbon Negative. Sounds cool right? It totally is.

Not sure what your footprint is? Or not a subscriber yet? Take our test here that we developed with our footprint partners: PlanetMark, to see what your carbon footprint could be, and how much a TENZING subscription could change your life.

2021 is the year to Take Action!

If you cancel your subscription, unfortunately, we will stop offsetting in your name (but the fight will go on! We'd love to offset for everyone in the world, but as a startup, we don't have the budgets for that).

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