Tastes good. Does good.
Is good.

Climate Pledge Friendly? Check. B Corp Certified? Check. The-Only-Carbon-Negative-Drink-In-The-World? Check. Our standards for ‘good enough’ are pretty damn high. So when we say we’re good, you can take our word for it.

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We’re Energy Pioneers

Going carbon negative is just the one step on the way to the summit for us. Read about adventures in impact to discover our sustainability pledges, carbon reduction commitments, local offsetting programme and more.



We’ve created a tool with Imperial College London that tracks your exposure to London’s air pollution using real-time data from the London Air Quality Network. You can sync the TENZING Clean Air Tracker with Strava to discover the air quality when you exercise, and use it to find cleaner routes for your runs, rides and walks.



Being B Corp Certified is kind of a big deal… We’ve joined the global community of legendary companies who are using business as a force for good, giving equal importance to profit, people and planet. You have to meet the highest standard of social and environmental performance to achieve the big B, being totally transparent and totally accountable. Luckily that’s TENZING in a nutshell, but we’re grateful that this community keeps pushing us to be the best business that we can be.

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CarbonCloud: Our carbon labelling partner

Since 2020 we’ve been partnered with CarbonCloud: a platform which helps us calculate, track and minimise the carbon footprint of our products. Knowledge is power and knowing the carbon footprint of our products is the first step in minimising our impact on the planet. The next step is sharing that impact with you, our community,so that you can make more climate-conscious decisions when you shop. That's why you'll find carbon labels on all our products.

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Kick your carbon footprint by subscribing
to TENZING and becoming carbon neutral.

Our Carbon

Our Carbon

With The Planet Mark, we’ve taken the latest in government and scientific data to create a series of questions, so you can understand your carbon footprint.

Subscribers are linked to Ecologi

Subscribers are linked to Ecologi

Ecologi's offsetting projects are gold standard, so when you subscribe to TENZING you can trust that our offsetting projects are genuinely doing good for the planet.

you help fund environment projects

you help fund environment projects

From wind farms in India close to our Green Coffee Beans to Nepal, the home of our Himalayan Rock Salt, where we build bins to help eliminate litter on the trails of Everest, your money goes the distance to protect our planet.

we offset your carbon footprint

we offset your carbon footprint

If you choose to become a carbon neutral subscriber, we'll offset 8.4tn CO2e/year (the UK average), in your name. If you’re emitting less than that a year, we’re actually making you Carbon Negative!

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