The Winners of the TENZING Clean Air Strava Challenge!

- 04 March 2020


The dust has settled, the pollution ebbed and flowed, and our Strava challenge has come to an end.

We challenged every London runner to get out, run 5k, and use our Clean Air Tracker to help us plot a map of London's cleanest routes.

We've been busy collating the results, separating the dirty from the clean, and mapping a series of curated runs to help you avoid pollution in the Big Smoke.

We've got some exciting news coming about our Clean Air Tracker, but without any further ado, below are the runners who found the cleanest routes in their borough. Congratulations to every one of you! If your name and run is below, get in touch with us to claim to prize!

Cleanest Run of all Runs: David Wilcock of Barnet. 12th January 9:03am. Score: 97.8

  • Camden
    • Phil Oddy. 9th January at 6.44am. Score: 92.0
  • Royal Borough of Greenwich
    • Warren Markert. 5th January 10.16am. Score: 95.3
  • Hackney
    • Timothy Todhunter. 3rd January at 8.21am. Score: 95.0
  • Hammersmith and Fulham
    • Simon Hazel. 15th January. Score: 93.0
  • Islington
    • Ares Navarro Niubo. 7th January 8:41am. Score: 93.2
  • Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
    • Bálint Mészáros. 4th January. Score: 90.1
  • Lambeth
    • Tom Runs (tom.runs). 14th January at 3.32am Score: 95.9
  • Lewisham
    • Lucy Haddad. 14th January at 6.53am. Score: 95.1
  • Southwark
    • Angela Stephen. 5th January at 9.34am. Score: 94.2
    • Chloë Morley. 12th January at 9.37am. Score: 94.2
  • Tower Hamlets
    • Steve Dickinson. 3rd January at 6.37am. Score: 94.8
  • Wandsworth
    • Linda Barrett. 5th January. Score: 94.7.
    • Paul Bishop. 3rd January. Score: 94.7.
  • City of Westminster
    • Delano (@notjust1run). 27th January at 6.47am. Score: 91.2
  • Barnet
    • David Wilcock. 12th January at 9:03am. Score: 97.8
  • Bexley
    • Lauren Bidmead. 5th January at 12.37pm. Score: 95.5
  • Bromley
    • Terry Saunders. 12th January at 8.22am. Score: 95.3
  • Croydon
    • Hannah Simmons. 13th January at 5.43am. Score: 92.4
  • Ealing
    • Amanda Oliver. 12th January at 6.58am. Score: 95.1
  • Haringey
    • Tom Atkins. 14th January at 6.48am. Score: 95.5
  • Harrow
    • Nick Clark. 2nd January at 11.16am. Score 92.6
  • Havering
    • Peter Davies. 4th January at 10.25. Score: 92.7
  • Hillingdon
    • Clive Wickham. 7th January at 6.34am. Score: 94.9
  • Hounslow
    • B Victor Nyamdavaa. 2nd January at 12.25pm. Score: 93
  • Merton
    • Oliver Cannon. 12th January at 8.22am. Score 95.3
  • Newham
    • Coren Hanley. 28th January at 5:51am. Score: 97.4
  • Redbridge
    • Julie Fisher. 11th January at 9.04am. Score: 87.6
  • Richmond upon Thames
    • Matt Fantastic. 14th January at 6:34am. Score: 96.3
  • Waltham Forest
    • Dan Booth. 3rd January at 6:26am. Score: 95.9

Congratulations again to everyone that took part! Your route is helping us to find the cleanest runs in London!