The Tenzing Clean 5k Challenge

- 30 December 2019


Congratulations to everyone who's completed our Strava Challenge! 

Why We're Doing This

This January, we've not just challenged everyone to get out and run 5k, we've also asked for your help in discovering the cleanest routes in London. Using state of the art pollution-tracking technology from King's College and realtime data, we've created the TENZING Clean Air Tracker: a tool that doesn't just provide you with a Clean Air Score for your route; it helps us map the entire city. The only thing left to do now is... go out and run!

Here Because You've Competed the Challenge?

You're a legend. No, we're not just saying that. If you used the TENZING Clean Air Tracker, you've helped build our map of London, and helped every runner get out on a cleaner route.

Didn't use our tool? Don't worry, respiratory redemption isn't lost yet; hop on over here to sync your Strava account and get live pollution ratings for your London runs, for free and forever (we're nice like that).

Prizes & Rules

No competition would be complete with a prize, right? And we're offering the greatest prize of all: TENZING Natural Energy. We're offering a 3 month supply of TENZING to whoever can find the cleanest run in any of London's boroughs.

Run 5k, anywhere in London between January 1st, 0:01 and January 27th, 23:59 to unlock your digital completion badge.

To be eligible for prizes distributed by TENZING Natural Energy, participants must have signed up to the TENZING Clean Air Tracker and synced their Strava account (don't worry, the only thing we use your GPS data for is giving you a Clean Air Score), as well as using the hashtag #tenzingclean5k in your activity titles or description.

Activities completed without a Clean Air Score or the tag #tenzingclean5k will not be eligible for any prizes beyond the digital completion badge.

The prize of a 3 month supply of TENZING Natural Energy is non-transferrable, and exhaustive to one person only. In the event of one individual possessing the cleanest run in multiple boroughs of London, in areas subsequent to the first borough of completion (chronologically), runners up will be awarded the prize.

The prize for 'Cleanest Run' is selected from the entire duration of the challenge.

TENZING reserves the right to full discretion on eligibility of runs attempting to win the 'Cleanest Run' prize.

Any Questions? You can always drop us an email, at: