Tenzing as your exercise companion!

- 30 May 2019

By Leone Baron - ZING Team Member

Many people know of Tenzing’s message and making - with only seven ingredients to give you everything you need for a natural boost and more! However, some customers are often surprised when we suggest that they drink Tenzing before or after a workout.

It seems that the fizzy drink market has not only dissociated from people-powered sport, but also given energising drinks a bad rep for your health. Here at Tenzing, that is simply not the case - and as a team we do everything to prove the opposite, but what better proof than experience?

Way back in October, with a large dose of confidence and a small dose of reality, I signed up to do the Bath Half Marathon for Teenage Cancer Trust with my friend. Not only was the cause close to our hearts, but we also knew that we were goal driven people, so a concrete commitment for charity was the perfect motivation to get fitter and stay healthy during our final university year.

17th March seemed really, really far away... November went, December flew by, and suddenly we were two months away from running 21.3km. We quickly realised our 5kms weren’t cutting it, yet were both so busy and always tired! This meant our 10km and 15km and the dreaded 20km practice runs were mountains in our minds. 

Luckily, because Tenzing has natural sources of Vitamin C, Electrolytes and Antioxidants we were in safe —sherpa style— hands. Electrolytes are minerals found naturally in your body and are essential to maintain cellular function, but when we exercise we sweat them out, so drinking plain water isn’t a sufficient replacement.

Tenzing contains Himalayan Rock Salt, which provides us with six out of seven electrolytes which are sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. These electrolytes provide a more balanced re-hydration than processed and refined salts or many effervescent tablets. I was always aware of the benefits of electrolytes, but didn’t know how to integrate them into my diet in a way that was natural, easy and most importantly tasted good. Tenzing, thankfully ticked all these boxes. For a boost at uni before a run along the Thames, or to re-energise us after a training session to get us back and focused in the library - Tenzing is the perfect training buddy for those mental and physical mountains.

‘But what about the half? What was your time?’ I hear you cry. Two weeks before our Bath half marathon, we were offered tickets for Cambridge Half Marathon and thought ‘hallelujah,’ the perfect reason to finally do a really long run in training for Bath Half. (We also thought it would be really cool, and raise more money, if we could say we did two halves in two weeks...basically a marathon...right?).

I came in with a time of 2 hours 12 minutes, which we knew we could improve a lot on. It motivated us to make the marginal gains through staying as healthy as possible, on a limited budget and with limited time. 

Two weeks, and many a Tenzing later, The Bath Half came flying round the corner. Whilst the race didn’t go to plan with a swollen knee, at the end of it one thing was very apparent. A good result was great, but its the process that will stay with us much longer. Mental and physical mountains had been climbed, almost £800 was raised for charity, and we came out the other side with a new admiration of how much the human body can achieve if you eat well, sleep well and take care of it. 


A huge lesson was making daily choices to achieve marginal gains - starting with what you consume. This has made me appreciate brands like Tenzing even more, because for the times you struggle to put your health first, they’re there to do it for you.

After all, with sherpa energy to boost you, its a whole lot easier to climb.