Our Journey To One Million Cans

Team Tenzing - 04 December 2018


One million... We’ve sold over one million ice cold cans since Huib van Bockel (our founder) set off on his mission to transform the way people energise themselves.

Back in 2015, you only had to look at the drinks fridge in any UK retailer to notice the clutter of nasty, sugar-laden, synthetic energy drinks. So that’s when we swooped in with a natural, low sugar, low calorie, healthy alternative.

Huib, having been completely immersed in the beverage industry for almost a decade, decided to challenge the archetype of energy drinks as being excessively sugary, sweet, and full of artificial chemicals. The result? A drink that was equally as uplifting, but made from just a few key ingredients all sourced from nature. 

Our Inspiration.
Both the recipe and brand name were inspired by Himalayan Sherpas; the latter specifically Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, one of the first two men to summit Mt. Everest, and the traditional brews they drink during expeditions. Norgay had a modest approach and eternal smile, a closeness to nature, drive for adventure, and above all a burning ambition to be the first man to reach the world's highest summit. We’ve made sure that his way of thinking is now our guide and we are proud that our drink carries his name.

“To travel, to experience and learn: that is to live.”

Tenzing Norgay


Our People.
Our Tenzing Family was born early in 2016, when Jack Flower joined the company as the first official employee (as he often likes to remind us). Jack and Huib made sure as many people as possible knew exactly why Tenzing should be in their fridges, waited hours in retailer’s HQ’s for an audience with a buyer and handed out countless samples. 3 years later, we’re now a 13-strong team, all of whom are 100% dedicated to building this brand.  Nothing can match the dedication that emerges from working in a really tight, close-knit team. Everyone at Tenzing is ready to help one another, even if it’s something that isn’t quite in their remit or requires waking up at 5am on a Sunday!

Our Philosophy.  
How we’ve grown and built awareness thus far? Honest Marketing. What better way to build your brand than to keep promotion straightforward and focused on the fact that we are a healthy, plant-based alternative, with a low sugar content that isn’t at the expense of filling the drink with nasty chemicals and sweeteners.

We may not have the budget of some industry big dogs, BUT, what we do have is the product. So watch this space. Bring on 10 million.