Knowvember: the climate transparency movement

- 05 November 2021


This month we've launched Knowvember

#Knowvember is simple: for one month we're challenging you to choose brands that know (and show) their climate footprint.

AND we're making it easy for you: with a dedicated online marketplace and a pop-up shop.

The Knowvember store opens its door to the public from November 3rd-6th, and you can come in, meet the founding brands, and experience the future.

Knowvember isn’t about shaming brands who haven’t yet established their carbon footprint, it’s about shining a light on the need for knowing your impact and sharing it with the world. We all have a right to transparency from the brands we love. Only with it are we fully enabled to make climate-conscious decisions. Now, the movement starts, and this month we want you to shop brands that know, show and lower their carbon footprint, just like the ones on the official knowvember website.

Ours to Save, news on the most topical environmental questions, featured Knowvember in a great post about Carbon Labelling. For more info, and to deep dive into Carbon Labelling, take a read here.

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