7 Key Ingredients: Green Coffee

Ben Harrill - 04 December 2018


For those unversed in everything arabica, the raw coffee beans that we use in Tenzing are widely regarded as one of the highest quality beans out there. Grown at a higher altitude, our Arabica beans are given more time to develop, ultimately ensuring a delicate and higher quality end result.

Because our caffeine is from natural sources (unlike certain other market leaders), it is metabolised slower in the body, giving you a refreshing uplift without the shakes or a slump shortly after it’s in your system. This matched with our green tea, guarana and Indian gooseberries gives you a fatigue-banishing and replenishing uplift as well as a calming mental massage, courtesy of natural caffeine and vitamin C.

It doesn’t end there though, we get the natural caffeine from these beans when they are still raw so that we can preserve their antioxidants and energy boosting Chlorogenic acid as well as immune system boosting free radical busters.

But this post isn’t just about how great green coffee beans are, it’s really about our quest to be the first refreshing caffeine drink to use coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. The Rainforest Alliance work closely with farms and provide certifications to those who meet high standards of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. We want our coffee to be farmed in the most sustainable way, so it only makes sense for it to be sourced from one of these farms. Sounds easy enough, right...?

We can't lie, finding the most sustainable green coffee out there has proven more difficult than we first envisaged. With our Green Tea already certified, we are now shifting all our attention to building a great relationship with certified coffee farms to make sure we make each and every can of Tenzing as sustainable, and environmentally friendly as we possibly can.